Title: CINMarS: Combining Innovation in Maritime and Space

Start Year: 2015

End Year: 2016

Funding Body: European Space Agency Earth Observation Envelope Programme.

Website: www.cinmars.org

Coordinator: University College Cork

Research Area: Coastal & Marine Systems, Observation & Operations

Core Teams Involved: Marine Governance, Earth Observation & GIS Applications, Internationalisation

Key Contact: Rory Scarrott

“Unlocking Opportunities in the Maritime-Space sector”

CINMarS aims to identify mechanisms that underpin a strategy for developing stronger links and alliances between the space and maritime sectors.  This strategy will be used as a roadmap to explore benefits such as an improved understanding of requirements, the potential for joint working, and innovation to support and increase employment and economic opportunities. CINMarS partners will collaborate with members of the maritime and space communities to analyse: cluster working practices, approaches to innovation support, and current innovation support mechanisms in use.

CINMarS Activities:

  • Assessing the capability of Clusters to contribute to unlocking maritime-space opportunities. 

  • Compiling a stakeholder-led strategy for driving innovation in the maritime-space intersection, and harnessing the ideas generated. 

  • Clarifying the mechanisms and tools which need to be implemented to support innovation generation and harnessing. 

  • Developing a roadmap to direct clusters and their supporting agencies on the path to driving Maritime-Space innovation.

 This project is carried out by six partners across three Atlantic countries, led by University College Cork (UCC). Partners represent three renowned maritime innovation clusters. (IMERC, FÓRUM OCEANO, Norut).

For further information on the CINMarS Initiative, contact Rory Scarrott.