Incubation at MaREI – The Entrepreneur Ship

The Entrepreneur Ship is the world’s first business incubator dedicated to marine and energy companies. It is based in Lower Cork Harbour and run by the MaREI Centre.

It is a place of convergence between entrepreneurial talent and the explosion of new ideas and technologies coming from areas such as robotics, big data, biotechnology, power generation, cyber security, unmanned systems and power storage as they relate to our ocean and energy systems. 

The Entrepreneur Ship is a strategic partnership between University College Cork, Cork Institute of Technology and the Irish Naval Service, and is run by the MaREI Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy. Companies are based in the Lower Cork Harbour adjacent to National Maritime College of Ireland, Headquarters of the Irish Naval Service and University College Cork’s MaREI Centre and the Lir National Ocean Test Facility.

The Entrepreneur Ship Companies are a mix of startups and larger multinational clients seeking touchdown space in Europe.