Nicolás Tomey Bozo

Title: PhD Student
Role: Researcher
Location: University College Cork
Phone: +353 (0)21 486 4405


Nicolás is a graduate of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Naval and Ocean Engineering and he is currently doing a PhD in wave and wind energy farms.

Current Activities

Nicolás is involved in:


Nicolás holds a Master degree in Naval and Ocean Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid he obtained in 2014. In the context of his Master degree he participated in a European mobility programme visiting the Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon for a full academic year. Then in parallel to his main studies he did a complementary degree of Expert in Development Cooperation at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. In 2014 he enrolled as a PhD student in Energy Engineering at UCC through the OceaNET Marie Curie ITN.

His research carrier started in 2013 at the Centre for Marine Technology and Ocean Engineering (CENTEC) from the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon where he did his Master thesis in the design of flap type wave energy converters. Then he jumped to a PhD research level at the MaREI Centre studying the hydrodynamic synergies of co-located wave and wind energy farms, focusing in the improvement of the modelling techniques to assess the surrounding wave field.

Further Information

Further information on Nicolas’s activities can be found on his OceaNET ITN profile.

Research Areas