• Committees

Governance Committee

The MaREI Governance Committee

The purpose of the Governance Committee is to provide oversight of the activities and progress of the Centre ensuring that the Centre operates in line with expectations and best practice in all aspects of its endeavours.

  • Brendan Tuohy (Nostos) Chairman
  • Jerry Murphy (UCC)
  • Brian Ó Gallachóir (UCC)
  • Gillian Bruton (UCC)
  • Peter Hourihane (UCC)
  • Anita Maguire (UCC)
  • Dan Toal (UL)
  • Mary Shire (UL)
  • Prof Ray O’Neill (MU)
  • Triona McCormack (UCD)
  • Niall Smith (CIT)
  • Aengus Parsons (NUIG)
  • Declan Meally (SEAI)
  • Dennis R. Costello (Braemar)
  • Ms Marie Donnelly
  • Vincent McCormack (GKinetic)
  • Niamh Kenny (DP Energy)
Industry Advisory Committee

The Industry Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Industry Advisory Committee is to link scientists and engineers to academia and industry.  It is important that the Centre develops and maintains an industry-relevant research agenda.  In order to facilitate the input of Industry Partners into the Centres development and operation, the Centre shall establish an Industry Advisory Committee.

  • Prof. Jerry Murphy, Interim Director (MaREI)
  • Mr. Ian Kilgallon (Gas Networks Ireland)
  • Dr. Gillian Bruton, Centre Manager (MaREI)
  • Mr. Anthony Parry (MAFIC Black Basalt)
  • Mr. Peter Hourihane, Sc. Prog. Officer (MaREI)
  • Ms. Charlotte O’Kelly (Techworks Marine)
  • Mr. Vincent McCormack (GKinetic Energy)
  • Mr. John Burke (CIL)
  • Ms. Niamh Kenny (DP Energy Ireland)
  • Mr. Paul McEvoy (Technology From Ideas)
  • Mr. Conor Cooney (ESB Innovation)
Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Committee is to provide independent scientific advice and also to act in a constructive review capacity for research carried out in the Centre.  The Scientific Advisory Committee will advise the Governance Committee and engage with the CEMC on scientific strategy.

Prof Alistar Borthwick, University of Edinburgh

Prof Belinda Batten, Oregon State University

Prof Feargal Brennan, Director of the University of Strathclyde Offshore Engineering Institute

Prof Roger Falconer, Cardiff University

Dr Andrea Copping, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Prof Alan Guwy, University of South Wales

Jochen Bard, Fraunhofer IWES

Centre Executive Management Committee

Centre Executive Management Meeting Members:

  • Chair: Prof. Jerry Murphy, MaREI Centre Director
  • Chair: Prof. Brian Ó Gallachóir, MaREI Centre Director
  • Dr. Gillian Bruton, MaREI Centre Manager
  • Prof. Dan Toal, University of Limerick
  • Prof. Frederic Dias, University College Dublin
  • Prof. Tony Lewis, University College Cork
  • Dr. Eamon McKeogh, University College Cork
  • Prof. John Ringwood, Maynooth University
  • Jimmy Murphy, University College Cork
  • Dr. Gordon Lightbody, University College Cork
  • Dr. Jamie Goggins, National University of Ireland Galway
  • Mr. Jeremy Gault, University College Cork
  • Prof. Michael Hartnett, National University of Ireland Galway (MH)
  • Mr. Peter Hourihane, MaREI Scientific Programme Officer