Climate Change and Adaptation

MaREI’s Climate Change and Adaptation team are focused on facilitating planning for current and future climate change impacts and at a range of levels (local, regional, national and international). This work involves the development of accessible and policy-relevant decision supports (information, frameworks and tools) for climate adaptation. In addition, climate change adaptation as a pathway to sustainable development is an important area of research for the Future Earth Coasts project where it forms a key focus for work centred on the Arctic, SIDS, Deltas and estuaries, and Urbanisation of the coastal zone.

As an integral part of the Governance team, the Climate researchers are very much at the forefront in the application of climate and adaptation science in the context of local, regional and national planning.  As such, the team works closely with Local and Regional Authorities and National Government to ensure that research outputs are closely aligned with the need of the stakeholder groups.

For further information contact Barry O’Dwyer.

Core Research Areas

The Climate Change and Adaptation group currently leads and participates on a number of national and internationally funded projects and with the following core aims:

  • Developing accessible and manageable climatic and adaptation information;
  • Raising awareness and understanding around climate change, impacts and adaptation;
  • Increasing decision-making capacity for climate change adaptation;
  • Facilitating decision-making for climate change adaptation at local, regional and national levels.

Ongoing Projects

  • UrbAdapt: Developing adaptation plans for the Greater Dublin Area.
  • ICIP3: Ireland’s Climate Information Platform
  • eSurge: Earth Observation for Storm Surge Modelling and Forecasting
  • EODAT: Expansion of EO Uptake in Developing Countries
  • CCI Soil Moisture: Producing the most complete and most consistent global soil moisture data record
  • EPA Adaptation Indicators: Developing adaptation and preparedness indicators

Former Projects

  • iCOAST:Integrated Coastal Alert SysTem
  • Climate Information Platform for Ireland – (ICIP2)
  • Climate Information Platform for Ireland – (ICIP)
  • CoastAdapt: The Sea as Our Neighbour – Adaptation to Climate Change on Coastal Communities and Habitats on Europe’s Northern Periphery
  • CLAD: Coastal Climate Adaptation and Development Tool
  • EPA Climate Change Fellowship – Climate Observation System Development and Analysis
  • EPA Climate Change Fellowship – Climate Observation System Climate Change Research Specialist – Impacts and Adaptation & Analysis