Entrepreneurship Development Projects


The principle aim of ProtoAtlantic is to develop and validate a model for the prototyping and exploitation of innovative ideas in the maritime sector in the Atlantic Area. Project partners come from Ireland, Scotland, France and Spain.

The ProtoAtlantic Accelerator Programme is helping entrepreneurs and start-ups to take their products to market, find the right customer/user segments, implement the right business model, generate revenue and user growth, develop scalable/profitable distribution channels, enhance the team knowledge on other areas, and where appropriate, raise venture capital from investors who believe in their vision

Entrepreneurship @ MaREI was involved in the design and delivery of workshop modules in both Ireland and Spain which were foundational to this accelerator programme. Expert mentoring and strategy development support was also provided.

Marine Energy Alliance

The Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) is a 4 year European Territorial Cooperation project. The aim of MEA is to progress the technical and commercial maturity level of early-stage (TRL 3 – 4) marine energy technology companies with the overall goal of reducing the risk of device failure in subsequent demonstration phases. Project partners come from Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands and France.

Entrepreneurship @ MaREI provides expertise and mentoring to Irish and International startups who receive support through this project.

The PhD Project 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Presentations to Undergrads and Post grads

Guest Lectures

Potential future projects with Enterprise Ireland, SFI and others.