Alessia Elia
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
University College Cork


Alessia Elia graduated with a bachelor degree in Energy engineering from Polytechnic of Turin. In 2015, she completed her studies with a master in Energy engineering from Turin with a thesis conducted at Technical University of Denmark on the development of an optimization bottom-up model for the production of biofuels and natural gas by using biomass energy input for the evaluation of future sustainable scenarios in 2050. She is currently pursuing a PhD on the project “Opportunities in Ireland for a Low Carbon Economy – Our 2050”, her research focuses on modelling the innovation needs for Ireland’s energy transition to low carbon technologies, the drivers boosting the technological change in the energy system are analysed and modelled with technical and socio-technical tools, like the learning curve approach and the analysis of the energy system with the integrated energy system model Irish TIMES. At the her work focus on learning curve techniques and on investigating the ocean energy technologies feasibility for 2050 in Ireland.