Angela Nagle
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
UCC Climate Action Materials & Structures


Angela is a member of Re-Wind project. Re-Wind looks for repurposing solutions for discarded wind turbine blades. Some of the ideas include roofing for industrial or temporary housing, high voltage transmission towers, flood barriers, and pedestrian bridges. We are currently working with Cork County Council to build a 5m pedestrian bridge on a new greenway outside of Midleton in Cork County, utilizing 2 decommissioned Nordex N29 blades, donated to us by Everun in Belfast. My work on this project will involve conducting Life Cycle Assessments on the various material and design aspects of the bridge, to ensure we are choosing the lowest impact options.


Feature Project


Re-Wind : Reuse and Recycling of Decommissioned Composite Material Wind Turbine Blades

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