Ashley Bennison
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
UCC Blue Economy Coastal & Marine Systems

Ashley’s research focuses on the application of techniques used to determine the at-sea behaviour of seabirds. Much seabird mortality occurs at sea through birds being bycaught in fishing gear, consuming or becoming entangled in marine litter, and encountering oil spills, making the designation of protected areas at sea paramount to the conservation of seabirds. His research looks at ways to assess how seabirds use the marine environment and where they are likely to be most susceptible to human impacts. He is also interested in the combination of different data sources such as tagging data, at-sea surveys, and remote sensing and how these may inform our knowledge of seabirds.


Ashley is currently studying for his PhD in Marine Ecology whilst working on projects within the Marine Ecology Group


Ashley gained his MSc in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology in 2012 from the University of Exeter. During this time he worked on the ecology of Northern gannets developing his interest in foraging, movement, and seabird ecology. Following from this, he worked as a field assistant in northern Sweden as part of a long-term study assessing the evolution of life history strategies in Siberian jays and song thrushes. Since January 2014 he has worked as a research assistant in the Marine Ecology Group at MaREI. Whilst there, he has worked on a multitude of seabird tagging and at sea survey projects.


Further information on Ashley’s activities in UCC can be found on his UCC Research Profile