Benteng Wu
Post Doctoral Researcher
UCC Energy Transition Advanced Fuels in the Circular Economy


Dr. Benteng Wu is a postdoc researcher in the Circular Economy Energy & Environmental Systems Group in MaREI, UCC. His research interests include: 1) bioenergy production from organic wastes; 2) biorefinery; 3) CO2 capture and utilization; and 4) techno-economic and environmental assessments.

Current Activities

Dr. Benteng Wu is currently working on a INTERREG VB NEW project entitled “BioWILL”, which aims to utilise all fractions of willow feedstock for the production of high to medium-based bio-chemicals/materials, renewable energy in the form of biomethane production and natural fertilisers.


Benteng Wu received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from UCC in 2022. He joined Prof. Jerry Murphy’s group as a postdoctoral researcher in April 2022. His previous research focused on the concept of the production of renewable biofuels in a circular cascading bio-based energy system.

Feature Project


BioWILL focuses on Integrated "Zero Waste" Biorefinery utilising all fractions of Willow feedstock for the production of high to medium based Bio-Chemicals/Materials and Renewable Energy

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