Eamonn Mulholland
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
UCC Energy Transition Energy Policy & Modelling
University College Cork 0214901970


Eamonn is a post-doctoral researcher in the Energy Policy and Modelling Group in MaREI whose work focuses on using a combination of modelling techniques to inform climate policy in the transport sector.


Current Activities 

·   Incorporating consumer choice into the modelling of private cars

·   Assessing cost-optimal and technically feasible areas of decarbonisation for the road freight transportation sector in Ireland

·   Creating policy analysis in stock simulation models driven by medium term (2030) to long term (2050) energy targets



·   EPA funded PhD focused on highlighting the options available for the transportation sector in decarbonisation

·   Collaborated on the Danish Technical University COMETS project, which used modelling to identify least cost options to decarbonise the entire Danish transportation sector

·   Worked with the International Energy Agency updating their method of projecting global road freight and contributing to writing of their report “The Future of Trucks – Implications for Energy and the Environment”

·   Worked in University of California, Davis under a Fulbright program creating a novel method for modelling consumer choice in the private car sector for Ireland and Denmark