Edward Fagan

Title: Post Doctoral Researcher
Role: Researcher
Location: NUI Galway
Email: edwardmichael.fagan@nuigalway.ie


Edward is a researcher in the Materials & Structures group of MaREI, working on testing full-scale composite structures and developing novel design algorithms for wind and tidal turbine blades.


Edward is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Materials & Structures group within MaREI, working on a project to design and test a full-scale tidal turbine blade at NUI Galway in collaboration with ScotRenewables Tidal Power Ltd and ÉireComposites Teo. The project will demonstrate the world-class nature of the MaREI structural test cell by testing one of the largest tidal turbine blades in the world in 2018.


Edward is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from NUI Galway and recently completed his PhD on ‘Design of fibre-reinforced polymer composite blades for wind and tidal turbines’. Edward’s research interests include mechanical design of structures from composite materials, design optimisation using advanced numerical search algorithms and renewable energy devices.

Edward has developed a software tool called BladeComp, which can perform automated computational design and analysis of wind and tidal turbine blades. BladeComp includes single- and multi-objective genetic algorithms for optimising the structural design of blades and incorporates manufacturing constraints to ensure realistic blade designs are generated. The design tool and associated methodology can lead to reduced manufacturing and design costs for rotor blade manufacturers and facilitate the development of more efficient and robust wind and tidal turbine devices.


Further information can be found in Edward’s LinkedIn. He is also available on Research Gate and Twitter: @edwardmfagan





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