George Vathakkattil Joseph
Postgraduate Student
UCD Energy Transition, Climate Action


George’s research is in dynamical systems theory with a focus on using coupled oscillators networks for computation. The project aims to develop machine-learning algorithms for implementation on specialized hardware for the purpose of low-power Structural Health Monitoring. Techniques based on Spiking Neural Networks, dubbed as neuromorphic computing, is applied to problems in SHM. The project also investigates an oscillator-based computing architecture for optimization problems. The scaling characteristics of an oscillator network, called Ising machine, may allow solving large combinatorial optimization problems with more efficiently than traditional von-Neumann methods.


George is a PhD student in the school of engineering at UCD. His bachelor’s degree is in physics. He studies the mechanisms of computation in nature using dynamical systems theory. His research is at the intersection of physics, engineering, computer science and mathematics. He was part of the Irish team at the SpaceX Hyperloop pod competition 2018 as a design and analysis engineer. His interdisciplinary interests led him to work on diverse projects such as: improving the autofocusing mechanism in smartphone cameras, developing a smart glove, designing a robotic earthworm, simulating the flow of molten glass, and developing statistical methods to detect extreme climate events.