Peter Tangney
Post Doctoral Researcher
UCC Climate Action Coastal & Marine Systems

Peter is a Senior Post-doc Researcher in the Climate Impacts and Adaptation team at the MaREI Centre in the Environmental Research Institute at UCC.

Peter currently manages the Reachout project on behalf of UCC, in collaboration with European academic and local government partners funded under the Horizon 2020 programme.

Peter worked for many years as an assistant professor at Flinders University, Australia, and before that, he worked on climate risk management and adaptation policy for the UK Government and the Environment Agency of England & Wales.

Peter’s research examines the role of evidence and expertise in addressing environmental problems, most especially climate change. His expertise sits at the interface of human geography, political science and science & technology studies.

Feature Project


The aim of REACHOUT is to bridge the last mile in climate service delivery to better support all European cities in building resilience to climate change by a pragmatic approach that builds upon existing achievements and addresses main barriers for uptake.

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