Rebecca Furlong
Master Student
Postgraduate Student
UCC Energy Transition Offshore Renewable Energy
University College Cork


Rebecca is a research masters student on the SELKIE project, having joined the project in November 2020.


The title of Rebecca’s master’s thesis is ‘High-resolution wave and tidal energy resource assessment in the Irish and Celtic Seas’. She is working on the SELKIE project WP4 which aims to develop a GIS Techno-economic Tool and Application.


She has an undergraduate degree in Earth and Ocean Sciences from the National University of Ireland Galway and a Diploma in Geographic Information Systems from Dublin Institute of Technology. Following her undergraduate degree, Rebecca went on to gain practical work experience using GIS. She worked as a project geologist for an exploration company based in the Irish Midlands followed by a position as a GIS Consultant for an International Engineering firm.

Feature Project


Ireland and Wales have a large wave and tidal resource, which has the potential to provide significant low carbon energy. The development of successful MRE sector will lead to the production of clean electricity, job creation and technology export to a worldwide market.

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