Samuel Hayes
Research Assistant
UCC Climate Action, Blue Economy Coastal & Marine Systems
University College Cork


His focus is on using drones, particularly through photogrammetry, for analysing coastal change and 3D modelling.


He is currently working as a research assistant on the Sustainable Resilient Coasts (COAST) project. His role involves assessing seaweed resources in Clew Bay, Co. Mayo and the digital documentation and preservation of built and natural heritage sites on Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim, both through the use of drone-based survey methods.


He received his BSc in Earth Science and MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing from UCC. He completed my PhD on Arctic coastal erosion dynamics from Northumbria University Newcastle. 

Feature Project


The objectives of COAST are to develop a Sustainable Resilient Coasts Toolbox for local authorities, focusing on SMART Blue Growth, which is based on principles of Sustainability, Mitigation, Planning, Adaptation, Resilience and Transition.

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