Shashank S. Nagaraja
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
University of Galway Energy Transition Advanced Fuels in the Circular Economy


Recently designed and developed a single-pulse shock tube and coupled it to a GC-MS system, which is currently used for studying a few simple hydrocarbons. Carried out a hierarchical study on 1-alkenes and it has enabled me to understand the effect of chain length and chemically activated pathways on their decomposition. In a different study, reaction pathways for formation of benzene, a soot precursor was experimentally studied for C5 olefinic species. Currently, a hierarchical pyrolysis study on species with primary allylic hydrogens is being carried out. Overall, in this project, several hydrocarbons’ pyrolysis is understood experimentally using species profiles.

Current Activities

Finishing up my PhD thesis.


Born and raised in India, Shashank did his under-graduation in Mechanical engineering from the National Institute of Technology India.  Later, Shashank did his master’s in Energy engineering and management from the University of Lisbon. Additionally, worked as a researcher at Imagineering Inc., Kobe, Japan, and summer research fellow at the University of Texas at Austin.