Sophie Power

Title: Research Assistant
Role: Researcher
Location: University College Cork
Phone: +353 (0)21 486 4344


Sophie is a graduate of University College Cork, conducts activities in MaREI’s Earth Observation & GIS, Governance, and Climate Change & Adaptation teams.

Sophie is currently working on:

The EC FP7 funded SAFI project, supporting the aquaculture and fisheries industries with decision-support satellite-derived information;
The EPA funded Climate Information Platform – providing informational support and advice to help organisations, sectors and government to adapt to climate-change;
Outreach and Communication Activities for MaREI, representing the centre on the steering committee of the National Ocean Literacy Network;
The ESA-IAP funded MarIA project, working with SME’s to develop an integrated catch monitoring and catch condition reporting system for fishing vessels which cool and store their catches;


Sophie is a graduate of University College Cork, with a BA in Geography and History, and an MSc in Applied Coastal and Marine Management from UCC’s Department of Geography. In 2015, Sophie joined the MaREI centre. She is now working on a number of projects across the marine Governance, Climate Adaptation and Earth Observation thematic foci of MaREI, in the areas of research, communications and outreach, workshop facilitation and others.

Further information on Sophie can be found on her Linkedin Profile.

Research Areas