Irish Climate Information Platform


Irish Climate Information Platform

Funding Body

Environmental Protection Agency

Research Area

Climate Change & Adaptation

Key Contact

Jeremy Gault


This research will further develop the existing prototype of Ireland’s climate information platform (ICIP) in readiness for full operation (Phase 3) and to operationally support climate adaptation decision making. This requires an evolution of current Phase 2 content and tools to include a user-centred information component and guidelines and decision support that is tailored for sectoral adaptation. The final ICIP will serve as a repository for key baseline datasets and is designed to incorporate inputs from ongoing national and international research and the project will maintain and augment the current relationships with the climate change research community and data holders. The development of content and design will be conducted in direct collaboration with stakeholders and this engagement will be facilitated through a series of sectoral and technical workshops and the establishment of an external editorial board for content and a project steering group. The input and insight gained from the stakeholders, coupled with continuous benchmarking against international best practice will enable the project to achieve its main objectives – to identify and address information gaps, develop guidelines and support tools; promote the uptake of the ICIP; and ensure the Platform is effectively migrated for operational deployment.