Our Students

My research project, ‘Making Building Stock Energy Efficient’, deals with the built environment which is responsible for the 40% of total energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) gas emission. The objective of the research is to facilitate a robust energy performance database for insight-driven policymaking, which will be helpful in reducing the energy performance gap. This research is going to upskill my knowledge and understanding of society’s energy needs for the future. It will provide an insight into upcoming global warming issues and initiatives required for a better future of generations to come.
Kumar Raushan

TU Dublin
Nowadays, due to global warming and increasing rates of energy consumption in the world, concerns have been raised about environmentally friendly cooling methods. Mechanical ventilation i.e. air conditioning can negatively impact the environment. However natural ventilation e.g. single-sided ventilation does not use environmentally harmful refrigeration or electricity and hence may be the solution to satisfy thermal comfort requirements during warmer months.
Nima Najani Ziarani,

Undertaking a PhD under the ERBE CDT has offered me the opportunity to collaborate with leading innovators and academic experts across the institutional partners in an interdisciplinary environment. This will allow me to positively contribute to the provision sustainable, affordable and healthy places to live and work and of a sustainable society for the future.
Orlaith McGinley