MaREI researchers strive to inform and influence policy by:

  • disseminating their findings amongst key stakeholders including government agencies, legislators, national and local authorities, NGOs, and industry,
  • working in partnership with the key stakeholder groups (local, regional and national level decision-makers) to develop sustainable and policy-relevant solutions,
  • facilitating consultation and active dialogue with relevant stakeholders.

A diverse range of natural and social science research is needed to support policy development for sustainable and healthy coastal and marine areas. Many of our researchers work on marine and energy policy and law, advising and contributing at national, EU and international levels, while others work in the area of climate change, informing and developing understanding of climate change, impacts and responses and increasing decision-making capacity to address the climate change challenge.

The range of applied projects conducted through MaREI give our researchers a unique and practical insight into the everyday successes and failures of existing policy and law. This provides MaREI researchers with a distinctive opportunity to influence the development of more effective and efficient policies and decision-making frameworks. MaREI is committed to facilitating evidence-based decision-making and our access to in-house expertise on areas like marine biology, earth observation, climate modelling and hydrography all serve to embed science in our law and policy work.