SEAI/ IEA Bioenergy Symposium

Registration is now open for the SEAI/ International Energy Agency Bioenergy Symposium on “Anaerobic Digestion in the Circular Economy” and a Gas Networks Ireland Causeway Workshop which will be held on the 6th September in UCC.

Registration is free, with a deadline of Friday 24 August.  You can register for your place here

The event is hosted by the SFI MaREI Centre and the Environmental Research Institute, UCC.

The International Energy Agency Bioenergy Task “Energy from Biogas” will present their recently published reports on topics such as: Integrated biogas systems; Anaerobic digestion in the circular economy; Food Waste Digestion Systems; Fugitive Methane Emissions from Biogas Facilities; Greening the Gas Grid.

The symposium will also include a workshop on applications of green gas to Ireland as exemplified by the Gas Networks Ireland Causeway Project.

You can find full event details here: IEA Bioenergy Cork 2018


Please contact Tara Reddington ( with any queries