Supporting Industry

“Enhance the capacity of industry across the energy, climate, and marine sectors to enable sustainable economic development, including the creation of new products, services, companies, and jobs”

Our research agenda is innately interlinked with the prevailing trends and needs of industry, driving scientific breakthroughs, innovations and insights that allow us to
respond to global challenges in the Energy Transition, Climate Action and Blue Economy. We firmly believe our success as a Centre requires the development of deep,
long term strategic partnerships with our industry partners, and we pursue an intensive programme of industry engagement that involves the co-creation and sharing of ideas, know-how and solutions to next generation challenges through a collaborative process.

Through the development of tailored value propositions for each of our industry  partners, we afford them access to our world-class research capacity and facilities to collaboratively address their multi- and trans-disciplinary needs, and assist them in the exploitation of key commercialisation and knowledge transfer pathways and opportunities. We assist our industry partners in areas such as: developing new technologies, from design through to demonstration and commercialisation; lowering their overall carbon footprint and energy bills; and in developing strategies to harness the opportunities associated with the Energy Transition, Climate Action, and the Blue Economy. With significant investment in research capacity, infrastructure and systems, we focus relentlessly on quality and impact. Through the EntrepreneurShip Incubator and our Marine Incubation Manager, we furthermore provide support to new and early-stage companies.

Objective 1: Enhance the capacity of industry in the energy, climate, and marine sectors through the provision of transdisciplinary research solutions, creating of new products, services, companies, and jobs

Objective 2: Provide the necessary education, training, capacity building, knowledge transfer, and entrepreneurism to support our industry partners and economic development in the energy, climate, and marine sectors

Key Metrics

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