SmartBridge: Continuous Monitoring of Bridges in Operational Condition

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Vikram Pakrashi, UCD

Research Partners

Alexandra Micu, UCD; Eugene Obrien, UCD,

Project Partners

Irish Rail

Principle Investigators

Alexandra Micu, Vikram Pakrashi

Project Manager

Alexandra Micu

Research Area

Structural Health Monitoring


The research conducted demonstrates that a sensor-equipped train has the potential to monitor the health condition of the entire Irish railway network, bridges and track, avoiding the disruption created by traditional monitoring.

An instrumented train that operates for a long period of time over the entire network can collect a large amount of data at less expense and maintenance of the monitoring system.

This large amount of data can be used by the Irish Rail management to plan more efficient maintenance schedule and budget solutions. Moreover, this project could be scaled to any other railway network worldwide.


To establish the train as a structural health monitoring probe and to create a numerical and experimental evidence base around it.

Work Packages

WP1: Theoretical Ideation and Development

WP2 Implementation and Monitoring of Developed Idea

WP3 Analyses and Benchmarking

WP4 Guidelines and Recommendations


D1.1 Conference paper on theoretical ideation

D2.1 Report on Experimental Implementation

D3.1 Paper on method development

D3.2 Paper on benchmarking

D4.1 Industrial protocol


Please check out SmartBridge from 2021 summer

Engagement and Outreach

End-of-project industrial talk “SmartBridge: Using the Train as a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Probe” 18/02/2021


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