MaREI Doctoral Training Programme

The MaREI PhD cohort is a vibrant and innovative research community, leading the way in Energy, Climate & Marine Research. Our network of PhD students are a key part of the larger MaREI research community, working towards a common goal of being the future innovators, change-makers, experts and leaders in our field.

Research excellence is at the heart of what we do, and we work to ensure that whilst also providing a rich, holistic & multi-disciplinary learning experience for each research student in each of our partner institutions.

A wide range of supervised research positions are available across all of our partner institutions, in the areas of the Energy Transition, Climate Action, and the Blue Economy. These studentships can take the form of Masters or PhD programmes, and are assessed by the submission of a thesis at the end of the studentship.

Current PhD Students

"This year it has been really great to delve into the more practical side of my PhD with commencing my own fieldwork and data collection. With a lot of planning, organisation and being on storm watch for weeks on end, I finally got to deploy my equipment at sea! Of course, there have been trials and tribulations associated with this… a few more than perhaps expected. However, the support of my supervisors and research team taught me the lesson that a huge part of doing a PhD is overcoming problems and adapting for the future. I’m looking forward to what the future has to bring."
Nicole Todd
PhD Project Title: "A multi-method approach to understanding the ecology of harbour porpoise in Irish waters"
MaREI PhD Student, UCC
"Doing my PhD in MaREI, surrounded by professional researchers with years of experience, made it feel much more like work than study, which I enjoyed. The four-year project allowed me to develop my portfolio of research and professional skills while addressing real-world issues; sustainable fishing in my case. From day one, I felt fully integrated into a diverse and multi-talented team in MaREI and made lots of cherished memories, including catching seals in the wilds of Mayo, networking at international conferences, and countless laughter-filled coffee breaks. I felt very fortunate to undertake my PhD in MaREI, and despite the many challenges that come with every PhD, I enjoyed (almost) every minute."
Cian Luck
PhD Project Title: "Bycatch of a protected species, the Atlantic grey seal, in static net fisheries: untangling the problem"
Former MaREI PhD Student, UCC
"During my PhD, I have learned a lot, especially about turbine blade design, composite structure, and fatigue in these structures. When I look back to when I started my PhD, I understand how I have improved my knowledge and this feeling makes me happy and motivated. Also, I can say that Covid 19 wasn’t too bad for me. Because I realized I could focus more on my project at home.
What I like about my PhD is working on an industrial project. So I know that by doing the PhD project I can help the industry in this area."
Afrooz Kazemi Vanhari
PhD Project Title: "Development of tools for the design of the next generation of wind and tidal turbine blades"
MaREI PhD Student, NUIG