Study With Us

As a MaREI PhD or Masters student, you will be based in one of our partner institutions around the country. You will be a registered student in that institution as well as being a valuable part of the larger MaREI research community.

Your respective institution will provide you with everything you need to carry out your research fully, and as a key player in the larger MaREI community you will have the unique opportunity to nurture and strengthen your professional network as you progress through your research career.

As a MaREI student, you have access to 200+ researchers across a range of multi-disciplinary research teams, allowing you to combine insights across areas such as Marine Renewable Energy Technologies, Materials & Structures, Observation & Operations, Coastal & Marine Systems, Bioenergy, Energy Policy & Modelling, and Renewable Energy Management.

The Centre is a driver of collaboration, and actively engages with partners across more than 36 countries, consistently publishing in high-impact journals and participating in major EU and international initiatives. This local, regional and international perspectives and engagements will further enrich and enlighten your research career.

Our available postgraduate positions can be accessed here and across the MaREI Social Media Channels.  There are 4 postgraduate start dates throughout the year – October, January, April, and July. If you are interested in a position, we would recommend applying at least 3-6 months prior to the commencement date to allow for your application to be processed, and to allow for the processing of visas if you are a Non-EU or International Student. MaREI is proud to have a hugely diverse workforce, with PhD students of 38 different nationalities currently.

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