Making Ireland a global leader in Energy, Climate, and Marine Research & Innovation

MaREI is the SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine research and innovation co-ordinated by the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork. The Centre comprises over 220 researchers focusing on defined global challenges such as the Energy Transition, Climate Action and the Blue Economy.

Key Metrics

Multi-disciplinary researchers across our institutional partners.
Industry partners including Start-Ups, SMEs, and Large Enterprises.
Institutional partners combining Ireland’s talent in energy, climate, and marine.
countries across industry, academia, and government.


MaREI are advancing engaged research and participatory methodologies by supporting stakeholder engagement and involvement across the research life cycle in a number of projects.


Benteng Wu Wins China Scholarship for ‘Outstanding Self-Financed International Students’

The China Scholarship for Outstanding Self-financed International Students is awarded annually to Chinese students who are doing a PhD overseas and not funded by the government.