About Us

“Welcome to MaREI, the world-leading Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine, coordinated by the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork.

Our goal is to carry out excellent research, publish this research in top international peer review journals and translate the research results into significant societal and economic benefits. Our key strength is the multidisciplinary expertise of, and collaboration between, our 220 plus researchers across the 13 third level and research institutes and the 75 industries that comprise the MaREI extended family, providing potential for problem solving way beyond the capacity of single discipline groups. We have a key focus on capacity building, training the leaders of tomorrow through our PhD and post-doctoral training programmes. 

To maximise research impact, we undertake collaborative research with over 75 industry partners; this partnership between these industries and 13 third level and research institutes facilitates: i) two way-flow of expertise, knowledge and perspectives; ii) translation of research ideas into economic opportunities; iii) reduction of the carbon footprint of industry and of Ireland and iv) underpinning of company strategies to harness the opportunities associated with a low carbon future. We translate our research results into policy insights and have underpinned many of the energy, climate and marine policy decisions made nationally over the past 8 years, in addition to informing EU policy. We engage with many other stakeholders, lead citizen science and action research initiatives. We co-develop climate action, energy transition and blue economy solutions with communities and citizens. 

MaREI also has a very strong presence internationally. Our team include global research leaders in many areas of energy, climate and marine research collaborating with more than 36 countries around the world. To compliment world class researchers, we have invested in world class research infrastructure, which we leverage to lead many EU collaborative research projects, and global technology collaboration initiatives.  

The MaREI team is dedicated to solving the challenges of energy, climate and marine, while informing policy, supporting industry and empowering society”.    

Jerry MurphyBrian Ó Gallachóir
MaREI Directors