Prof. Brian Ó Gallachóir
MaREI Director
Principal Investigator
UCC Energy Transition, Climate Action Energy Policy & Modelling

Prof. Ó Gallachóir serves as the Centre Director of MaREI, Chair of Energy Engineering in UCC, and as Director of the M.Eng.Sc. in Sustainable Energy. His research focuses on energy modelling to inform energy and climate change mitigation policy. Brian is elected Chair of the Executive Committee of IEA’s Technology Collaboration Programme on energy systems modelling (IEA-ETSAP). Brian’s research has been published extensively and has directly informed policy decisions. He is lead PI in Climate Lab, an initiative of UCC’s ERI, and is a member of the national Gas Innovation Group. Brian has a B.Sc. from TCD and a PhD from UCC.

Further Information

Further Information can be found on Dr. Brian’s UCC Research Profile