Blue Economy

“Better understand and sustainably utilise the potential of our significant marine and coastal resources”

In order to protect and sustainably capitalise upon the potential of our marine resources, it is necessary to improve our understanding of the extent of these resources, the approaches required to access them, the associated societal and economic constraints, and the potential impact on the marine environment. MaREI has developed an extensive body of expertise and information on marine ecosystems, including mapping the distribution and relative abundance of marine mammals in Irish waters. We engage with a wide range of stakeholders across multiple sectors on issues regarding the planning, management, sustainable use and protection of our marine resources in the context of increasing pressure on our maritime space and resources and the impact of climate change.

We continually seek to build upon these foundations to support an ecosystem-based approach to safeguard healthy marine ecosystems by providing the tools and approaches necessary to facilitate engagement with diverse stakeholders and the implementation of improved governance to support a thriving maritime economy.In this regard, we have positioned ourselves as a national centre of reference for marine governance. We actively seek to increase the evidence base and available data with regard to the distribution, migration, and a bundance of various marine species, and to assess the extent of the associated interactions and impacts on marine activities. This involves the development of marine at lases and visualisation tools, along with online data directories for multi-stakeholder engagement. This fundamental scientific information generates new knowledge, which can then be used to inform the development of new policy and governance mechanisms that support the Blue Economy and take account of external factors such as Brexit. It can also assist in the national implementation of existing policy and governance, such as Marine Spatial Planning and the Marine StrategyFramework Directives.

Objective 1: Assess and develop both the scientific and societal indicators of a Healthy Marine Ecosystem and characterise the potential impacts of anthropogenic activities on ecosystem health

Objective 2: Build the framework and tools to facilitate improved understanding and management of coastal and marine areas

Objective 3: Support the sustainable development of the Blue Economy