Daniel Toal

Daniel Toal

Title: Principal Investigator
Role: Principal/Funded Investigator
Location: University of Limerick
Email: daniel.toal@ul.ie
Phone: +353 (0)61 202 264


Daniel is a chartered engineer in Electrical and Systems Engineering: (Hons Dip Elec Eng, Dublin Institute of Technology; BSc (eng) University of Dublin (TCD) 1984; MSc – Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Cranfield University, UK, 1986; PhD Marine Robotics, University of Limerick (UL) 2004).

Current Activities

He is currently an Associate Professor at UL and has taught: Automation, Robotics, Instrumentation, Avionics, Sensors, and Electrical Machines. Daniel is also a Co PI of the SFI Centre MaRIE – Marine & Renewable Energy Ireland.


Daniel is the founder and director of the Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre (MMRRC) at the University of Limerick. With the MMRRC research team, Dan has led the design & build of ROV Latis – a 1,000m depth rated ‘smart’ vehicle along with many other platforms. On-going research addresses unique challenges of operating in ’high energy’ wind, wave and tidal regimes of marine renewable and airborne wind energy. Research also addresses robotic platform development for response in offshore marine incidents, search and rescue (SAR) and marine salvage. Daniel has been chief scientist for numerous off shore research surveys on Celtic Explorer, Celtic Voyager, INS LÉ Eithne, and other vessels. His success in research are result of hard work driven by the vision that the Marine Technology, Ocean Environment, and Renewable Energy Sectors will grow in crucial importance.

Further Information

Further information can be found on Dan’s UL Research Profile.

Research Areas