Why Work with Us?

Our strengths lie in the multidisciplinary nature of our research teams allowing us to combine insights across energy, climate and marine disciplines across our 13 partner institutions and drawing on our expertise in the following areas: Offshore Renewable Energy; Materials and Structures; Observations and Operations; Coastal and Marine Systems; Bioenergy; Energy Policy and Modelling; and Energy Management. Collaboration and teamwork are the forces that unite and strengthen us, and allow our collective expertise to be leveraged by all stakeholders, both nationally and internationally.

Through the development of tailored value propositions for each of our industry partners, we afford them access to our world-class research capacity and facilities to collaboratively address their multi- and trans-disciplinary needs, and assist them in the exploitation of key commercialisation and knowledge transfer pathways and opportunities. We furthermore offer unique world-class infrastructure and testing facilities that allow the systematic identification and reduction of development risks through a structured ‘Technology Readiness Level’ (TRL) development cycle. Through the EntrepreneurShip Incubator and our Marine Incubation Manager, we also provide support to new and early-stage companies.

  • Access to world-class researchers and state-of-the-art facilities across our institutional partners
  • Provision of innovative solutions to defined industry partner questions
  • Access to co-funding opportunities for collaborative research projects
  • Access to licensing/technology transfer supports to facilitate exploitation of outputs
  • Access to our national and international networks
  • Access to National/European proposals consortia and supports
  • Increased competitive advantage, domestically and internationally, and access to new markets
  • Access to potential pipeline of talented future employees

Industry Brochure

Enhancing the capacity of industry across the energy, climate, and marine sectors to enable sustainable economic development, including the creation of new products, services, companies, and jobs