December 16, 2021 11:00 am

The Center for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at Maynooth University seminars are being conducted through MS Teams.

If you would like to join, please email ei.um@yrraB.ennAeirraC

Seminars are held on Thursdays at 11 am and for more details click here.  

More information about The Center for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at Maynooth University can be found here. 

Everyone is welcome!!

16/12/21 Tom O’Kane Test Crew Chief Suzuki MotoGP
9/12/21 Matt Folley QUB LiftWEC – A novel Wave Energy Converter
25/11/21 Abel Arredondo Galeana University of Strathclyde Strategies for improved hydro-structural performance of wave cycloidal rotors
18/11/21 Marco Rosati Nonlinear data-based hydrodynamic modelling of an OWC device: Is it worth it?
11/11/21 Maialen Agirre Aspiazu All About Me – Maialen Agirre
4/11/21 Demian Garcia Violini COER’s 2nd Experimental Campaign at Aalborg University: Experience and Preliminary Results (restricted access)
28/10/21 Yerai Pena Sanchez Hardware in the loop systems for wave energy converter control strategies validation
21/10/21 Edoardo Pasta Deep Neural Network Trained to Mimic Computational Expensive Optimization-based Control: a first Application to a Pendulum Wave Energy Converter
14/10/21 Various COER Q4 ’21 Workshop
7/10/21 Various European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference 2021 – a COER review
30/09/21 Benjamin Bruel A control-orientated analytical model for a cyclorotor wave energy device
23/09/21 Hasana Bagnall Hare Protocol for the identification of the neural baroreflex in sheep
16/09/21 Matias Widmer Small-Scale Pendulum-Type Wave Energy Converter System for Low-Power Marine Monitoring Applications
2/9/21 Louis Martin Control design for a wind/wave renewable energy platform
19/8/21 Alice Marie LiftWEC structural design and real-time control – internship at COER
29/7/21 Sandra-Carina Noble Neuromatch Academy: Summer School on Computational Neuroscience
22/7/21 Gaston Vergara-Hermosilla Some ideas about water waves – rigid body interactions
15/7/21 Mahdiyeh Farajvand Quantifying hydrodynamic model uncertainty for robust control of wave energy devices
8/7/21 Xabier Hernandez Development of two WEC Test-benches-Internship at COER
1/7/21 Thomas Kelly A post-processing approach to irregular frequency removal in BEM results
24/6/21 Nicolas Faedo Data-driven model reduction for wave energy systems: A moment-based
17/6/21 Louis Martin and Ben Bruel An introduction to Louis Martin and Ben Bruel and their internship projects
10/6/21 Simon Thomas The COERbuoy1 platform a realistic WEC model
for control developers
3/6/21 Siyuan Zhan Model Predictive Control for Wave Energy Converters
27/5/21 Facundo Mosquera Adaptive second order sliding mode control applied to oscillating water column wave energy devices
20/5/21 Bingyong Guo Levelised Cost of Energy and Claiming Expenses in MU (internal)
13/5/21 Iain McLeod A Personal Introduction to Beginning my PhD in Developing a Small Scale Wave Powered Data Buoy
6/5/21 Jitendra Jain An introduction
29/4/21 Gaurav Dhar Self introduction and control strategies for WEC arrays
22/4/21 Hasana Bagnall Hare and Hafiz Ahsan Said Spring school on data driven model learning of dynamic systems
8/4/21 Marco Rosati Data-based hydrodynamic modelling of an oscillating water column device
25/3/2021 Demian Garcia Violini Quantifying hydrodynamic model uncertainty for robust control of wave energy device
Peter Redmond
Robots: Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact
11/3/2021 Onno Bokhove, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds On a novel wave-to-wire energy device in a breakwater contraction
4/3/2021 COER group COER: current and upcoming projects
25/2/2021 Onno  Bokhove, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

On a novel wave-to-wire energy device in a breakwater contraction

18/2/2021 Hafiz Ahsan Said Intelligent control of a DC microgrid consisting of Wave Energy Converter (WEC) and Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS)
11/2/2021 COER group COER: current and upcoming projects
4/2/2021 Hasana Bagnall Hare Determining the frequency response of the baroreflex in sheep.
28/1/2021 Qusai ElMoosa Impact of nonlinear hydrodynamic modelling on geometric optimisation of a spherical heaving point absorber
7/1/2021 Dr. Nicolas Faedo SPH for WEC System Modeling: State-of-the-Art and Grand Challenges
14/1/2021 Murat Ozbulut
A workshop on:
Software and tools for scientific writing
21/1/2021 Niall McLean Wave Energy Scotland: Current Status