November 24, 2022 11:00 am

The Center for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at Maynooth University seminars are being conducted through MS Teams.

If you would like to join, please email ei.um@yrraB.ennAeirraC

Seminars are held on Thursdays at 11 am and for more details click here.  

More information about The Center for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at Maynooth University can be found here. 

Everyone is welcome!!

24/11/22 Wen-Hua Chen Loughborough University Dual Control for High Levels of Automation in Uncertain Environments
17/11/22 Joao Henriques Dimensional Analysis and Experimental modelling
10/11/22 Maria Luisa Castillo An introduction
3/11/12 Chris Joubert Buoyant energy storage device
27/10/22 John Ringwood, Alex White, Conor Murphy, Erivelton Nepomuceno, Joao Henriques Solving Ireland’ Energy dilemma – the debate!
20/10/22 Thalita Nazare and Nahia Iturricastillo
Self-presentation, get to know Nahia and Thalita and Hybrid Wind-Wave Platforms and Control Co-Design
13/10/22 Dr. Joao Henriques(IST Lisbon) R&D at the IST wave energy group: from ideas to reality
6/10/22 Mahdiyeh Farajvand
High-Performance Computing (HPC): How to access ICHEC (Irish Centre for High-End Computing) and Maynooth university resources. (internal)
29/9/22 Chen Zhang Hybrid Oil–hydraulic PTO, Oscillating Surge WEC Case Study
22/9/22 Corinne Smith A wave predictor development for WEC controllers
15/9/22 Esteban Perraud Approach of the radiation force of floating bodies from the point of view of the memory effect
8/9/22 Lucas Nardo Representation of Chaotic Maps Using Finite Fields: Perspectives and Applications
1/9/22 Gaston Vergara Hermosilla Approximation of fractional derivatives by orthogonal moments
18/8/22 Eva Woods Investigating the effects of P300-based brain-computer interfaces as a therapeutic tool in cognitive enhancement of healthy individuals
11/8/22 Cecile Bertrand and Alexis Brochain
Importance of control co-design for WECs development
Application the Fano resonance effect to the control methods of a heaving buoy wave energy converter and final results
4/8/22 Lucille Antoine Implementation of an estimator and a predictor for relative foil/fluid velocities on a liftWEC device
28/7/22 Mohammad Sameti Potential of wave/tidal energy integration in green hydrogen production
21/7/22 Youcef Belkhier Control co-design of heterogenous WEC arrays
14/7/22 Cecile Bertrand and Alexis Brochain Introduction to their COER internship projects
7/7/22 Gaston Vergara Hermosilla How does the dynamics of a WEC affect the dynamics of water waves?
30/6/22 Corinne Smith and Esteban Perraud Introduction to their COER internship projects
23/6/22 Maialen Agirre Aspiazu Improvement of the LiTe-Con controller in relation to: effective implementation of the control structure into a multi-DoF scenario, including an estimation structure for the wave excitation force.
16/6/22 Edoardo Pasta Data-driven and data-based control in wave energy systems: review and focused considerations on data in optimization-based WEC control
9/6/22 Sehiy Shtovba Fuzzy identification and research and development at Vinnytsia National Technical University, Ukraine
2/6/22 Sandra Carina Noble Adaptive P300 Speller for Attention Training: A Phenomenological Model, Simulation and Experimental Protocol
19/5/22 Marco Rosati Hydrodynamic control of oscillating Water Column WECs:  What’s the craic?
10/5/22 Mohammad Sameti An introduction to new COER postdoc Mohammad Sameti
3/5/22 Lucille Antoine An introduction to new COER intern Lucille Antoine
21/4/22 Ally Price, Uni of Edinburgh HAPiWEC introduction and discussion: what does the WEC control community need from HAPiWEC?
14/4/22 h/e Marcel Biato A visit from the Brazilian Ambassador
7/4/22 Kumars Mahmoodi Optimal control of a two-body heaving point absorber wave energy converter with non-integer order performance indices: A dynamic programming approach
31/3/22 Ciaran Quinn Library Research Resources and Advanced Searching
24/3/22 Nicolas Faedo Direct optimal control for wave energy systems considering nonlinear Froude-Krylov effects
10/3/22 Jonathan Bolton A mathematician’s approach to developing a WEC
3/3/22 Andrei Ermakov An open discussion of estimation problems for LiftWEC
24/2/22 Edoardo Pasta Collaborative strategy for model-free control of arrays of wave energy converters: A genetic algorithm approach
17/2/22 Demian Garcia Violini
On the feasibility of energy-maximising controllers for an Argentinian wave energy system
10/2/22 Simon Thomas Body-exact hydrodynamic modelling of Wave Energy Converter for optimal control
3/2/22 Jitendra Jain Robust back-stepping control
27/1/22 Matt Folley, QUB LiftWEC – A novel wave energy converter
20/1/22 John Ringwood Control co-design for wave energy conversion
13/1/22 Zahra Shahroozi  Uppsala University Considerations on prediction horizon and dissapative losses for wave energy converters