November 16, 2023 11:00 am

The Center for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at Maynooth University seminars are being conducted through MS Teams.

If you would like to join, please email ei.um@yrraB.ennAeirraC

Seminars are held on Thursdays at 11 am and for more details click here.  

More information about The Center for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at Maynooth University can be found here. 

Everyone is welcome!!

16/11/23 Markel Aristegui Introducing myself: My Journey in Energy Engineering and searching for sustainable solutions in Wave Energy Conversion
9/11/23 Siyuan Zhan Control and System Identification for WECs in Time domain
2/11/23 Pal Schmitt Challenges and progress around the experimental tank testing of Wave Energy converters
26/10/23 Andrei Ermakov On the value of fano resonance in wave energy converters
19/10/23 Amin Ziaei An introduction to a new PhD student
12/10/23 Johannes Palm and Claes Eskilsson MoodyMarine simulation tool workshop
5/10/23 Nahia Iturricastillo ERA5 vs. IMDBON validation for ocean waves, preliminary analysis on extreme waves climate in Ireland
28/9/23 Jens Christensen New advanced simulation techniques for wave energy converters – a PhD project at DTU
26/9/23 Diogo Moreira
Chief Project Officer (CPO)
Polytechnic University of Viana do Castelo
The centre for innovation in ocean energies and technologies.
21/9/23 Zechuan Lin and Pietro Desole Introductions to new COER team members
14/9/23 COER team and Samara Santos EWTEC roundup and an introduction by Samara Santos
11/9/23 Damian Garcia Violini Strategies for Model (In)validation in WECs: Experimental Insights and Control Scheme Implications
31/8/23 Alfred Cotten, MOCEAN The potential of advanced control in the context of Mocean Energy’s wave energy converters
17/8/23 Ariadne Bertolin An introduction 
24/8/23 Jander Santos and Matheus Golz Costa An introduction to new team members
8/8/23 Julien Gosselin and Jack Rose-Butcher
Exploring the potential for​the use of SPH for simulation of WECs and Fano Resonance for WECs and an introduction to me
3/8/23 Kush Bubbar Unlocking Insights and Advancing Technology: The Power of Contemporary Modelling and Simulation
27/7/23 Chris Guiver The energy-balance method for optimal control in renewable energy applications
20/7/23 Andrei Ermakov The LiftWEC project – achievements and future work
13/7/23 Agustina Skiarski Tidal barrage operation optimization using moment-based control
6/7/23 Pedro Fornaro Long story short: From parameter estimation in energy storage to control of an automatic mechanical motion rectifier for wave energy conversion systems
29/6/23 Marco Rosati
Wave-to-wire (W2W) efficiency maximisation for oscillating-water-column (OWC) systems
22/6/23 Ander Perurena Adaptive vs Reinforcement Learning WEC control
15/6/23 Jacopo Ramello Developing a demonstration wave tank to show control.
1/6/23 Carrie Anne Barry Do recent renewable energy policy changes in Ireland satisfy the requirements of a nascent wave energy technology development sector?
25/5/23 Girodano Scariotti Nonlinear model reduction: some recent results and open challenges
18/5/23 Josefredo Gadelha da Silva Enhancing Real-world Inverted Pendulum Stabilization: Addressing External Perturbations with Feedback and Model Predictive Control
11/5/23 James Drummond Introduction to Matlab
4/5/23 Thalita Nazare and Vincent Herve
Green-Box System Identification and Carbon Footprint Analysis for Sustainable Computing
As well as an introduction to our new intern
27/4/23 Sandra Carina Noble and Eva Woods Accelerating P300-based Neurofeedback Training Using Iterative Learning Control: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial
20/4/23 Julien Gosselin Who am I and what is my project?
30/3/23 Peter Conlon Commercialisation
23/3/23 Gaston Vergara Hermosilla The close relation between observers and moments
16/3/23 Fran Callaghan Data Management Plans
9/3/23 Augusto Conrado Sarda and Josefredo Gadelha da Silva An introduction to 2 new PhD students
2/3/23 Jacopo Ramello & Behnam Mohseni Gharyehsafa An introduction to our new intern and PhD student.  Themselves and their research
23/02/23 Maria Luisa Celesti Dynamical analysis and control of a combined wind-waveenergy conversion platform
16/02/23 Lucas Nardo A Brief Report of a Visiting PhD Student in Ireland: Research and Experiences
9/02/23 Kumars Mahmoodi An Introduction to  Hydrodynamic Analysis with Ansys Aqwa
2/2/23 Paula Garcia Rosa Experiences in renewable energy and power system research after COER
26/1/23 Agustina Skiarski
Ander Martinez Perurena
An introduction to new and visiting COER team members
19/1/23 Sebastián Martínez Towards an experimental control of neural activity
12/1/23 David Brophy, FRKelly Solicitors The role of patenting in technology development