Assessment of the energy footprint of digital actions and services

This EU Report examines the Energy footprint of digital actions and services.

This is the final report of the study “Assessment of the energy footprint of digital actions and services”. The study aims to increase transparency about the energy consumption of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector, and to evidence the behavioural factors best suited to influence and to reduce its adverse impacts. Specifically, the scope of the study is to shed light on the too-often forgotten energy impact of ICT by providing a comprehensive overview of existing published estimates relating to the energy consumption of day-to-day digital actions and services, establishing simple and accurate estimates of the energy consumption for a limited number of these actions and services (ten in total), and creating communication materials for the purpose of disseminating these results via various communication channels. In doing so, this study gathers and provides evidence to help the European Commission identify mechanisms to address and mitigate the issue of ever-increasing energy consumption of the ICT sector, while achieving the RePowerEU Plan’s and European Green Deal’s objectives.

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