CREDENCE is the first funded C2C project focusing on the energy sector, exploring two key dimensions of the shift to a renewable based energy system, namely to what extent will energy systems be:

Electrified (exploring how much of our future heat and transport energy needs will be met with electricity as opposed to other options, i.e. fossil or renewable fuelled heat and transport)

Decentralised (i.e. decentralised system operation), and what are the optimal levels of decentralization for future energy systems)



What each partner brings

Each of the three project partners brings a significantly unique perspective to the problem at hand.

The perspectives of each Centre, combined with the regional differences of the three, provide the opportunity for major transformations in the nature of the energy marketplace. MaREI provides experience in central control of large-scale intermittent renewable resources, long-term energy systems modelling and in socio-economic aspects of the energy system transformation through collaboration with Economic Social Research Institute (ESRI). FREEDM provides wide area, distributed control of small-scale distributed intermittent renewable resources. EPIC in QUB provides expertise in wider scale issues of communications and the interactions between various fuel marketplaces. Each of the three brings significant partnerships to readily integrate market information and data, while also rapidly deploying new information allowing for widespread change in thought across the industry.

Key outcomes

  • Provision of a critical roadmap for utilities, policymakers and regulators to tackle the problem of upgrading the utility grid to a robust highly electrified and decentralized system
  • Training of a new generation of engineers, computer scientists and economists for the changing utility marketplace
  • Creation of a new dialogue for the research community on the sophisticated interaction between the four critical elements to changing the utility
  • Creation of a longstanding dialogue between US and European research and utility communities
  • Provision of a deep and meaningful relationship between FREEDM, MaREI and QUB


CREDENCE project can be found here