Event Report | International Ocean Colour Science Meeting

This year, the Third International Ocean Colour Science (IOCS2017) Meeting took place 15-18th May in sunny and warm Lisbon, Portugal. Read the event report here.

Future Earth Coasts

Future Earth Coasts is a ‘community’ of organisations, scientists and practitioners from all disciplines of science, engineering, the humanities and law whose work addresses Global Environmental Change, contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and social learning.

Future Earth Coasts


Future Earth Coasts who has an International Project Office based in MaREI had the privilege to help craft, coordinate, and deliver a capacity building workshop entitled ‘Utilising Earth Observation to support Blue Growth and Risk Management in the Caribbean’. The workshop, funded by the European Space Agency and held in St Lucia, was a collaborative effort between Future Earth Coasts, the Organisation for Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), University College Cork/MaREI(UCC), and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the World Bank.


The four-day event brought together experts from Member and Associate Member States of the OECS, the University of the West Indies, UCC, the University of South Floridathe Department of Environment-Belize, and representatives from the private sector, ACRI-HE.


The event was designed to explore how Earth Observation (EO) data could be used to help support regional and local research efforts in four key issue areas.

  1. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  2. Maritime Safety and Security
  3. SargassumInfluxes into Coastal Systems
  4. Climate Change and Risk Reduction


The outputs of this workshop, were produced in the form of a roadmap, to clearly articulate regional priorities that were identified during the event