CUE2022-The 8th Applied Energy Symposium

November 26, 2022 11:00 am

CUE2022 is organized by the international journal, Applied Energy, Advances in Applied Energy, Applied Energy Innovation Institute (AEii) and Mälardalen University, Sweden. The event consists of three-day symposium and one-day lab/site tours for sharing the most recent progress of research RD&Ds in urban energy systems and one-day forum to engage all stakeholders for discussing how future urban energy systems can be implemented.

CUE2022 will be held online on November 24-27, 2022. The conference will include keynotes and invited speeches, plenary sessions, oral presentations, and poster sessions. 

MaREI Director Prof Jerry Murphy will deliver a keynote talk at the Applied Energy Conference in Japan on the 26th of November, titled ‘Use of the power of the ocean to decarbonize society in circular economy, energy, and environmental systems’.

Abstract: Net zero is challenging. Roadmaps tend to start with renewable electricity and use of decarbonised electricity in heating and transport. Difficulties lie in the variability of production of energy from wind and solar. In this work we propose providing a resource of offshore wind far in advance of electrical requirements and conversion of surplus electricity to hydrogen via electrolysis. Circular economy, energy, and environmental systems are proposed whereby renewable hydrogen molecules are employed: to decarbonise hydrocarbons for fuel for planes, ships and trucks and; as the decarbonised hydrogen source for green ammonia for renewable fertiliser production to decarbonise agriculture.

You can join this event via Zoom, here is the link:

ZoomID: 615 2327 3834 Zoom PW: 810886