Discovery of Sound in the Sea – Webinar Series

SATURN will be joining the DOSITS (Discovery of Sound in the Sea) webinar series for 2023. They will be leading September’s webinar about the impacts of shipping on aquatic life. 

The DOSITS Webinar Series is a free, four-part webinar series on underwater sound. Each webinar is scheduled for approximately 60 minutes and will be comprised of a presentation by one or more experts (topics listed below), followed by a period the time duration between any point on a wave and the same point on the next wave, e.g., from one wave crest to the next wave crest; the time for a particle to make one complete cycle at a given point of facilitated discussion.

The webinar series is open to all interested individuals, however, registration is required. Webinars will be hosted via Zoom, however, the webinars will also be streamed live on YouTube. Participants can ask questions in through either platform. All webinars will be recorded and the webinar recordings will be available on the DOSITS website (and on Vimeo).

Register here.