Dr Paul Deane on Irelands Current Energy Situation

Dr Paul Deane a senior research fellow in clean energy futures at MaREI, University College Cork commented on Irelands current energy situation in Saturday’s Irish Examiner.

“With Eirgrid coming out with such serious pronouncements, we really need to listen to them,” says Paul Deane. He adds, however, that he doesn’t expect residential supply to be affected in the near term.

“If it comes to it, brownouts will help. If demand is very high they’ll normally shut off some of the very large industrial users, like a quarry for instance, where they’re breaking rock or pumping water constantly,” he says. “

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Dr Deane also appeared on Claire Byrne Live on Monday the 4th of October, where he compared the electricity use in a data centre with a house, a school and a hospital.

Watch the interview below: