Dr Paul Deane presents to the Joint Committee on European Union Affairs

On Wednesday the 19th of October MaREI researcher Dr Paul Deane in ERI at University College Cork presented to the Joint Committee on European Union Affairs about Engagement on the EU-level policy response to current energy security issues in Europe. 

In Dr Deane’s opening statement he stated that “Ireland is one of the most fossil fuel reliant countries in Europe, with fossil fuels meeting 86% of Ireland’s energy supply share in 2021 while 77% of this is imported.

We currently spend over €1 million every hour importing fossil fuels like oil and gas into the State. The cost of this massive reliance on imported fossil fuels is reflected in the prices we pay to heat our homes, fuel our cars, and power our appliances.

While Ireland’s Energy and Climate policy is strongly influenced by European Policy, our delivery of fuels such as oil and gas are also impacted by the UK and decisions taken there.

Ireland’s geographical position on the periphery of Europe with no direct physical infrastructure connecting to other EU member states means that while we look to the EU for policy, we must also look.”

You can watch the video here and read the full opening statements here.