From Science to Showbusiness

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but changed from one form to another. It’s the same with knowledge. The story of renewable gas in Ireland, currently residing in academic journal articles and reports, was brought to life by ERI researchers and friends on a sunny Saturday morning in August. PhD candidate Aoife Long, of the Biofuels and Bioenergy Research Group, produced, directed and starred in a video to Dance her PhD.

The video is an entry for the International Science Magazine Dance your PhD competition. This competition encourages researchers to explain their research through dance, with the aim to delight and inform the public. The winner will be decided by a judging panel who will consider scientific merit, artistic merit, and the creative combination of both.

The Biofuels and Bioenergy Research Group, led by Professor Jerry Murphy, has pioneered the research on the potential sources of renewable gas in Ireland. The group is now looking at how this potential can be realised, along with future technologies such as Power to Gas.