GenComm Partner Meeting

February 24, 2022 9:00 am

The 19th GenComm partner meeting is scheduled to be held in Dublin City University on Feb. 24-25, 2022. This two-day event is the quarterly meeting of the project partners and incorporates an open session on day one where the partners brief the wider associate, auxiliary partners and energy community on their work in developing hydrogen technologies and in accelerating the European journey to net zero.

Day two of this event features a workshop session entitled ‘European Funding Opportunities for Hydrogen Projects on the Island of Ireland.’ This is an event jointly hosted with the MaREI HyLIGHT project and will be an opportunity for all to engage with national and international programmes, exploring funding routes for perspective partners and in reaching out to potential international partnerships.

Looking forward to the Partner Meeting, GenComm Program Manager Paul McCormack, said, “Ireland is at the epi-centre of the hydrogen revolution it is a  hive of activity in hydrogen technologies with many national and international projects working in this area, seeking to address our climate challenges, building sector coupling industrial, mobility and energy projects with Green Hydrogen as the key energy catalyst. Ireland is playing a central role in transforming Europe’e energy structures and in building a hydrogen economy that will deliver sustainable environmental, economic, academic and social benefits. The GenComm workshops are aimed at informing and building multi-technology approaches that will address our need to  reduce emissions, deliver energy system innovation and entrepreneurship and provide system resource efficiencies.“

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