IEA Bioenergy Triannual Online Conference 2021: Green Gas perspectives

December 2, 2021 5:00 pm

This session will discuss perspectives of biogas and biomethane in different parts of the world – Europe, North America, China and developing countries – and the role of policy frameworks for further deployment. It is important to consider that biogas is not just a renewable energy solution, but provides a strong contribution to circular and biobased economy, mostly starting from waste and residual flows and, amongst others, circulating nutrient and organic material flows, providing sanitation of treated material and contributing to development of rural areas. Sustainability of green gas concepts needs to be considered to make sure they positively contribute.

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Uwe Fritsche, Scientific Director, IINAS, Germany


  • Sustainability of green gas
    • David Chiaramonti, Professor of Systems for Energy and Environment and Energy Economics, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy
  • A global perspective on green gas
    • Maria Michela Morese, Executive Secretary, Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP), Italy
  • Perspective of China
    • Ren-Jie Dong, Head, Bioenergy and Environment Science & Technology Laboratory/Biomass Stoves Test Laboratory/Carbon-Neutral Agriculture Research Center, China Agricultural University (CAU), China
  • Perspective of the United States
    • Sam Lehr, Manager of Sustainability and Markets Policy, RNG Coalition, United States
  • Perspective of the EU
    • Malcolm McDowell, Team Leader – Methane strategy, European Commission – DG Energy, Belgium