Impacts of Academic Digital Infrastructure on Climate Policy

November 6, 2021 11:45 am

Research and Education Networks for Climate Action: Impacts of Academic Digital Infrastructure on Climate Policy

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The objective of the event: 

To expose the decisive role of Research and Education Networks in terms of digital infrastructure as well as the articulation of climate research, both within the Academic Sector and with other sectors that make decisions on climate policies, with the precise aim of bringing the Academic Sector closer to the levels of definition and implementation of these policies, by finding new spaces for participation that will allow both the coordination, orientation and synchronisation of scientific climate research with these levels, and also optimise the use of the capacities of the Academic Sector in climate research for policies in this area. 

Match the values developed and promoted by the present Networks with the objectives pursued by science and researchers in Climate Action, for the development of a collaborative Statement of Intent in support of these objectives.

Other objectives: To find spaces for new opportunities for projects, research, and innovation, in particular, to help reduce the carbon footprint.

Further details can be found here.