Internal MaREI Awards 2024

The MaREI Awards are a unique opportunity to highlight the great work being done by talented individuals in our research community. We wish to celebrate the excellent achievements of our community over the last 2 years from mid 2022 to date in 2024. 
Please submit your nominations by 5pm on May 31st, 2024. You can nominate yourself or another individual or team, depending on the award category.  There is no limit on the number of Award categories you can enter.
The winners will be announced during the MaREI Symposium on June 21st, 2024
Applications will be judged by an independent judging committee which will include representation from the MaREI committees and operations team. 
Research Excellence
This award will recognise the accomplishments of a MaREI researcher who has contributed significantly to the advancement of science in the period.  Nominations should be based on a scientific achievement and/or an exceptional paper in published in 2022-2024.  There are two categories, one for Early Career Researchers and one for Senior Researchers 
The ECR Researcher category refers to PhD students & Post Docs (of less than 6 years duration). 
The Senior Researcher category refers to Senior Post Docs, Research Fellows, Funded Investigators, and Principle Investigators. 
Award for Research Impact 
This award will recognise a research Team who has made, or is making, an outstanding contribution to research impact, in terms of informing policy, supporting industry or empowering society.  Research impact can be defined as “the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy”.  This is considered a Team Award, individual researchers can also apply but they will be judged alongside team applications.  
Award for Engagement Exemplar
This award aims to recognise exceptional contributions made by MaREI researchers and/or support staff to civic or stakeholder engagement. It recognises researchers who successfully engage with audiences beyond the scientific community, and do so in effective and novel ways.  The focus is on a significant engagement achievement in the 2 year period that may be categorised in terms of  
  • Excellent Communication: that informs and inspires the public about our research.
  • Meaningful Consultation: for projects that have engaged in two-way dialogue and incorporated stakeholder views in the research process.
  • Successful Collaboration: for engaged research projects based on collaborations with citizens, communities or other stakeholders, leading to co-creation of knowledge and research outputs.  
The Engagement Exemplar Award is open to both individuals and teams.
Click here to read the terms and conditions.