Lessons from the European Atlantic for implementation of maritime spatial planning in transboundary contexts

September 15, 2021 9:00 am


The SIMAtlantic conference is a free online event taking place on 15 September 2021. The aim of the conference is to share learning and best practice from the SIMAtlantic project and elsewhere around Europe, to assist in shaping future cooperation and coherence in maritime spatial planning (MSP).

Our sessions are aimed at a wide audience from researchers to policymakers, practitioners and stakeholders, while including everyone who shares an interest in maritime spatial planning, particularly the benefits and challenges of transboundary working. Sessions will take place in English and are designed to facilitate discussion.

The conference is free to attend, and you can choose up to four sessions that interest you from the list below (times are UK/Ireland time)

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09.00–10.30 Session 1

Developing a vision for MSP in the European Atlantic region

Using the characteristics and current spatial uses of the European Atlantic region and relevant policy drivers as a basis, this session provides perspectives on developing a vision for MSP in the region.

11.00–12.30 Session 2A

Governance for transboundary MSP

Exploring practical ways of communicating between countries, especially on issues with environmental impact, and mechanisms for long-lasting cooperation in the European Atlantic.

11.00–12.30 Session 2B

Data sharing and stakeholder engagement

Considering questions of how transnational data sharing might support cross-border coherence of national maritime plans, how to effectively assess and spatially represent economic and social stakes, and how to deliver and explain complex maritime plans to enhance stakeholder ownership.

13.00–14.30 Session 3A

Beyond environmental assessment towards ecosystem-based MSP

Investigating the role of cumulative impacts in strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and how these elements can be applied to operationalise ecosystem-based management (EBM) in MSP, including transboundary considerations.

13.00–14.30 Session 3B

Approaches to land-sea interactions in the European Atlantic and beyond

Examining different approaches to land-sea interactions and their suitability in addressing LSI risks and opportunities, using case studies from the European Atlantic and elsewhere, and taking into account aspects such as timescales, funding and resources.