Low methane target will force demanding cuts on emissions elsewhere, expert warns

MaREI Research Fellow Dr. Paul Deane spoke to Kevin O’Sullivan of The Irish Times in order to discuss the low methane target set out by the government, and how this will enforce demanding cuts on emissions elsewhere.

Methane emissions in Ireland need to be reduced, and if they abide by the 10% cut in the agriculture sector over the next decade, as recommended in a new Irish agri-food strategy, the Irish government are going to be forced to apply a lot more demanding cuts on the transport, heat and electricity sectors, according to a leading energy analyst.

A 10% reduction in methane would require reductions of 73% in electricity, heat and transport by 2030 to meet the governments plan for an overall reduction of Irish emissions of 51%, confirmed Dr. Paul Deane of MaREI.

Such drastic cuts, which Dr. Deane believes are almost impossible to achieve at present, would also be necessary to comply with the programme for Government targets and Ireland’s current climate action plan.

“The level of reduction in energy would be extraordinarily difficult to achieve in a 10-year timeframe,” Dr. Paul Deane said.

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