MaREI at NUI Galway wins €2.44M in the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund for the MI-DRONE project

Government announce €95m for ground-breaking projects under Disruptive Technologies Fund which invests in disruptive technologies in areas such as healthcare, food, factory safety, construction, industrial heating systems and maritime. 

MaREI at NUI Galway receive funds for the ‘MIDRONE – Advanced Manufacturing Technologies to enable Intelligent DRONE delivery’ project with Eire Composites and Manna Aero 

William Finnegan, Project PI said:  

“This is a very exciting project as we apply the capabilities, developed within MaREI for renewable energy applications, to support the development of a futuristic delivery drone with Manna and ÉireComposites, which provides a safe, low carbon, sustainable solution to last-mile delivery” 

When announcing the successful projects the Tánaiste said:

“We are funding projects which will have wide-ranging benefits across many areas of society. Projects using AI to make factories safer and drones to detect drug smuggling, for example. There are many successful projects in the health sector, which we hope will result in better patient outcomes for thousands suffering from cancer, heart disease and fractured bones among other conditions. There is also focus on sustainability, with a number of projects looking at ways to improve and reduce energy use.  

“These new technologies will create high-quality jobs in existing and emerging sectors, now and over the coming decades. There is a good spread of partners, based all around Ireland, highlighting the strength of our enterprise and research base all across the country.”

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